Destroy Any Malignant Viruses And Get Your Computer Running Like New.

Is your computer slow, sluggish, freezing or even crashing? Here at IT-Specialists we can speed up your Windows PC, Apple Mac and your Laptop by running a full system diagnosis. We delete all files you don’t require, repair broken registries and check for viruses, trojans, malware, spyware. We then finalise the now cleared system by downloading the latest updates for your operating system. Getting your computer running like new again.

How we repair and speed up your computer:

We provide you with a full report to show you all of the improvements made.

We also provide recommendations and estimates for any potential upgrades or improvements to your hardware and software that will increase your computer’s performance.


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We used IT-Specialists to help us resolve a large server storage issue. It was fixed quickly.

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I frequenly use IT-Specialists to help with issues arrising in our office.

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IT Specialists have been amazing at implemeting our new IP phone system.

JACK ARNOLDS, Arnolds & Sons

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