One-On-One PC and Software Tuition

Do you or your staff in your organisation need to learn how to use a PC Computer or Mac. Do you need to learn specific processes such as emails with microsoft outlook, excel spreadsheets, Google Docs, Photo or Video editing or even basics such as writing letters with microsoft word?

No need to worry! Here at IT-Specialists we offer tailor made tuition courses specifically for you with our One-On-One courses designed to teach you any subject you desire.

We also offer group courses for organisations, getting your staff up to speed with the latest practices. One of our most popular services is the tuition of basic software and general computer usage to all ages. We don’t use technical jargon and explain everything in a simple manner.

Below are some of our most popular subjects:

General Internet Use

Teaching you how to use the latest Browsers and giving you information on best practices. Giving you all the skills to stay safe in today’s online driven world.


We specialise in teaching Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail as well as various Webmail interfaces to get you emailing like a pro. We also teach you how to identify Spam as well as Phishing emails. Become an advanced email user today.

Word Processing & Spreadsheets

Learn how to create beautiful letters by using industrial standard formatting in Microsoft Word as well as learning Microsoft Excel spreadsheet equations and data visualisation.

PC Crash Course

We can explain how your Computer works and give you some tips on safe usage and care.

Editing Videos & Photos

Transferring photo, video, and music files from Cameras and USB devices, Cropping images, Adding titles, uploading them to social media accounts. These are just a few of the many skills we can teach you when it comes to video and photo editing.

Even if your software is non-standard, we can help. Improve your computer skills today with our friendly teachers.

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