Cabled & Wireless Networking

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Wireless & Cabled Networks for your Home and Business

In today's world it's crucial to have a strong and reliable connection for all your devices such as Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Phones. Here at IT-Specialists we pride ourselves in building and maintaining Wi-Fi Networks as well as Cabled Networks that are designed for multi-user device-rich environments whilst maintaining resilience, ease of use and security.

Wireless & Cabled Security

Our Wireless and Cabled security solutions are designed to protect your network from potential threats that can arise. When it comes to providing security we provide you with solutions that protect your networks without rendering them difficult to use.

NextGen Framework

Our security services include:

High security encryption with secure passwords.
Guest Networks to separate guests from your main network.
Network Policy Management solutions to control network access on a role and device level. Which can be enforced by policies and rules such as location, device type, user roles and even time of the day.
Network Firewalls with advanced intrusion protection as well as real time analytics. Ensuring your network is secured on all access layers.
NextGen Framework

Wireless & Cabled Range Extension

If you have a pre-existing network that simply does not reach the required location of your house or business. We have the right solutions for you. We will come to inspect your current wired and wireless network and provide you with solutions that are best suited for your location and needs. These include extending your wireless network with high strength routers as well as wireless range extenders for the wireless signals to reach all desired locations. We are also able to seamlessly extend your cabled networks to newly desired parts of your house or office building giving you a strong and reliable network extension.

Wi-Fi Guest Access

Give your guests secure & user-friendly wireless connectivity. We will separate your new wireless guest network from your current main SSID. This will provide your guests with a separate network keeping your internal systems secure as well as being easy to manage.

NextGen Framework

Depending on the scale of your required guest network you can either generate time limited passwords for your guests which can be unique to each guest or it can also be generated as a single password for multiple guests at once.


We also offer powerful guest networks with fully customized welcome/access portals for your guests. Promoting your brand as well as improving ease of use and customer satisfaction.


Our business level guest network systems with bespoke portals allow you to expand your customer database by collection user data directly to your marketing tools. Giving you real usable marketing opportunities and potential growth for your business.

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